Pipes play an important role in the life of a person. Right from the huge network of sewerage pipes along with gas, water and electricity are done with the help of pipes that are placed underground. People will come across with different types of plumbing pipes that can be taken according to the requirements of them. Pipes that are mostly used by the people of Australia will include.


PVC pipes- These pipes are having the right kind of plastic. They are safe to use, light and easy to handle. They prove to be cost effective in nature which can be used to solve many problems in home and at the office. People will also come across with different variations in this type of pipe where people will notice about

∙ PVC-U= these pipes are best to use for drinking water transportation along with application in industrial fields.

∙ PVC-O= these pipes have gone into the chemical process in order to provide them with more strength along with the flexibility part. They are suited for drinking water pipes along its application in irrigation fields.

∙ CPVC= This pipe will help in water transportation of high temperature.

∙ PVC –M= these pipes are well suited in the areas of irrigation along with sewer control and application in industrial fields.

Pipes of copper- these pipes are best as they will provide the main benefits of durability along with corrosion resistance. These pipes are used for hot and cold water transportation along with gas in domestic use. They provide more flexibility as they can be bent easily according to the needs and requirements of the people.


Pex pipe- these pipes are also made up of plastic but have different types of PVC. It is strong, flexible and light in weight in nature.

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Melbourne Conference Center and Function Rooms

Melbourne Conference Center & Moorabbin Function Room

Our elegant surroundings and ambience make The Buckingham International Hotel the perfect location for your next function and Melbourne Conference Center.

The Buckingham International Hotel offers old world allure with a mix of modern service and cuisine. Private dinning and light spacious banquet rooms with a sense of style and simple elegance.

Our Melbourne Conference Center rooms are perfect for smaller groups from 10 or equally adept with groups of 130 guests and can offer stylish dinning, exciting events and romantic gatherings in this Moorabbin, Melbourne venue. Our dedicated events and wedding planners will ensure everything runs with ease from start to finish.

Take advantage of our splendid 4 star accommodation and make your stay memorable, our rooms are extremely cosy and of course preferred rates can be arranged for you and your guests.

Our Events and Wedding Planners would love the opportunity to help you plan your next event by tailoring a package to cater to your specific needs.

Make an appointment with our Melbourne Conference Center or Melbourne Function Planner / Co-ordinator on 9555 0011 to discuss your next event.

Buckingham Conference Rooms – Moorabbin, Melbourne

The Ideal Melbourne Conference Venue…

With four well-appointed conference and function rooms, The Buckingham International hotel is the perfect Melbourne Conference Center for your conferences.

From friendly advice during planning through to exceptional service, our professional staff are committed to ensuring your function is a smooth success.

We appreciate the heavy demands on you as the organiser / planner and our job is to make life easier for you by giving you and your delegates ‘total guest care’.…

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