Tips for Buying Bunk Beds in Singapore

Regardless of your living space, there are many benefits to investing in bunk beds. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to accommodate the needs of your growing family, or maybe you’re limited by budget and space. Whatever the case may be, bunk beds allow more people to sleep comfortably in less space, and can even help reduce household costs. The following are Tips for buying a bunk bed in Singapore:


1. Location

You’ll want to begin your bunk bed search in the place you plan to live. Take note of the location of your appliances and other furniture so that you can have a clear idea of where bunk beds will fit in the room. Generally, bunk beds are best suited to a bedroom because they allow for more privacy when compared with other sleeping options such as futons or air mattresses.


2. Supply Space

The next important factor to consider is supply space. If you’re limited on closet space, then there’s no room for bunk beds in your bedroom; however, this isn’t the case if you have plenty of hanging space available. For example, many people opt to fill their wardrobes with two or three shelves of clothes so that they can easily access them when they need them. If you’re able to do the same, then you might want to consider investing in bunk beds because they free up so much space in your bedroom.


3. Choosing The Type Of Bed

In Singapore, there are three main types of bunk beds: single on top/double on the bottom; double on both sides, and single on top/single on the bottom. Each of the sets has its own special properties and benefits. It’s worth it to add that choosing the right type of bed is essential for maximizing space and saving money.


4. The Right Size

The size of bunk beds depends on the height of the ceilings and how many beds you want to fit in the room. It’s important to keep things proportional because otherwise you’ll be left with a lot of wasted space. TIP: You can measure your ceiling height by going up a step ladder and placing a tape measure against the ceiling.


Buying bunk beds in Singapore can be a fun and exciting experience. However, if you’re planning to buy single rooms, then you might want to consider buying unassembled bunk beds from a shop instead so that you can put it together yourself. This will save you the hassle of assembling it when the time comes and ensure that your bunk beds are perfectly aligned.

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