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Your floor is the foundation of every room in your home or office, so how it looks – and the quality of its materials is an important decision for you as you design and furnish your home. The appearance of your floors is a matter of taste, but it may also be a practical or aesthetic choice.

Solid wood floors have always been popular, and they remain a top choice for those looking for a beautiful, enduring, and easy-to-care floor. A reliable and professional solid wood flooring company is available to Singapore residents, and they can provide you with the solid wood floor of your dreams.

Solid wood flooring is made from hardwood and can be sanded to produce and retain the appearance and texture of natural wood. The expert quality of the artisans at these companies ensures that your solid wood floor will last for decades. Visit https://www.thefloorgallery.sg/flooring/wood-flooring/solid-wood-flooring/ today to select your solid wood flooring.

Choosing solid wood flooring has many advantages:

Luxurious High-Class Quality 

It will give your floor a true-to-life solid wood appearance.

Unique Natural Design, 

Each piece of wood is different. Although your floor panels will all be made from the same wood, the panels are not carbon copies of each other.

Highly Durable and Resistant 

These floors are made with Singapore’s climate in mind and will retain their beauty and integrity for decades.

Better Indoor Air Quality

 Solid wood floors are natural and eco-sustainable(1) since all the wood used comes from sustainable sources.

They know the appearance of your floor matters, so here are some of the choices of colors and patterns you can choose:

Zebrano – tan and dark brown streaks

Victorian Ash – a subtle blend of tan and golden

Tasmanian Oak – greyish-tan with streaks of light brown

Indian Rosewood – Intensely dark brown with a wash of subtle reddish hue

European Birch – Ashen tan and beige

Canadian Cherry – Reddish brown with brown grain

Burmese Teak – Greyish brown with taupe grain

Burmese Rosewood – Maple Red Hues overlay medium brown with brown grain

American Oak – Brown and Taupe with natural grain appearance

Jarrah – Brown with a subtle golden orange topcoat and brown accents

American White Oak – ashen tan, brown, and ecru

These solid wood color themes are all excellent choices, and you will be pleased by their quality and appearance. 

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